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About Us

What can we tell you about Climb Trees? We enjoy the view from the top. We enjoy the physical challenge of the climb. We enjoy the mental challenge of the climb. We enjoy over coming fears & pushing limits. We enjoy the connection with trees. We even enjoy sleeping in & under trees.

At climb trees we are all about trees and exploring the the green space above our heads. Trees are amazing, they provide habitats for many many mammals, birds, insects & fungi. They purify the air we breath and the water we drink, they even stabilise the very ground we walk on and they do this without thanks and for between 80 and 10,000 years depending on species and situation. We just enjoy the experience of exploring these sentinels of the landscape and they challenges they throw at us. Please enjoy our little website and thank you for looking around. Don’t forget to tell a friend, there’s warm weather coming, fancy doing something different? Call or email with any question on our contact page.