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We are excited to announce that our Climb Trees events at Deer Shed festival was a huge success!

Returning for a second year, our aim was to get more festival goers climbing a tree. This was met with a great response, helping people of all ages combat a fear of heights, or just embracing a new challenge to test themselves mentally and physically. This is our goal with Climb Trees events, to inspire everyone!

After a brief discussion, the popular band HydeParkBrass was roped up and performed one of their songs from the top of our tree! You can see this video on our twitter feed, as well as on Facebook where the video has received over 8,000 views.

Wherever you may be located, Climbtrees can arrange a tree climbing event to give you the opportunity to try something new. For many festival goers, climbing a tree safely was such an amazing experience compared with artificial climbing walls we see all over England. You can be part of this too!

Contact us now for any enquiries by clicking below.

What an amazing weekend getting the public up trees at #deershed9 so many happy people, though I think we tore up the rule book by getting #hydeparkbrass to play a few number whilst up some trees. 3 trees, 9 musicians and lots of care getting instruments up n down. Thanks also to #askhambryancollege #climbtrees #Ladbible #hiddenhorizons

Nai-post ni Climbtrees noong Lunes, Hulyo 23, 2018

Festival Highlights from Deer Shed 9



Our next festival is Headland Festival 2018, Scarborough, North Yorkshire

Our arrangements for this festival are to be present for all three days, giving festival-goers another opportunity to try something challenging! Starting on Friday, we will be offering free tree climbing lessons. Every lesson will include targeted goals to help you to reach a specific point in the tree, rather than aimlessly climbing right to the top. This strategy helps you to focus, lose your fears and concentrate on something specific. Join us for these sessions, after all it’s free!