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Want to learn
about trees?

Training sessions


At Climb Trees we offer a few varieties of training. We offer a general training session which covers basic education of tree biology (please head over to our education section for more), as well as formal training for those who are more seriously interested in arbouring and tree care.


We offer such training in partnership with several assessment centers around the UK, and this training can be on two levels – recreational or professional. Our official training programs include logged training sessions for progress, and training tiers so you can see what you have achieved after every climb.


We also offer advanced training for those who have climbed before. Rock climbers for instance may be after a new challenge. Instead of training on artificial equipment indoors, stepping out into the countryside and climbing a tree is a rewarding change that comes with training included.

Corporate Days


We accommodate for corporate groups of any size, from two to two hundred.
Every tree is a different challenge. The same can be said of the day to day work environment.

So, instead of teambuilding in a man-made indoor environment, step out into nature with us and see your staff achieve a goal together. Corporate climbs are also ideal for self-employed business people looking to take a short day-break away from work.


First, choose a day! Then, multiples of 4 climbers are assigned to one tree with 1 professional climber to assist their climb. A training session will be held to familiarize employees with the rope systems and plan a course up the tree. The rest if up to you and your employees. There is no time limit so slower climbers can feel no pressure to achieve the same goal.


We offer commercial and industrial inspections of trees on land for suitability and risk when near property.

Are you unsure of a trees stability that could pose a risk to a factory, warehouse or office block? Most of us do not know the real health of a tree at first glance – what may appear solid and strong on the outside could be harboring rot, weakness and lack of long-term stability on the inside.

To give you peace of mind, we offer healthchecks in Spring & Autumn where the most potential risk is likely.

As part of this service, we provide education on whether trees should be removed from the land, counselling and advice on placement and replacement, surveying, and advice on offsetting carbon footprints.



Tree climbing is also an opportunity to learn more about our natural world. We offer education days for climbing trees in a safe manner.

Our climbs will also cover arborist training and answer questions such as:

The health of trees, What makes a tree unsafe?
How can I perform a health check on a tree?
How can I identify rot, cavities, dead wood, poor structure and nestings?
What are the bio-mechanics of a tree?

This opportunity for education is open to any age, however we are now offering package deals for secondary schools to help students learn more about the life of trees.