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Spare Straps and Ratchets

Spare straps and ratchets are always useful. Whether you need them for a better angle on your set-up straps, or to replace worn and tired units, it is always handy to keep one up your sleeve!
Our Standard Spares are compatible with Stingray, Vista, Connect and Trillium models. The Small Ratchets and Straps are compatible with the Flite+ and T-Mini. Once you have some experience with your Tentsile, you can save up to 2kg by dropping two ratchets from your system by using our WebLocks. Buy them here.

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All webbing straps are 6m long Polyester.
For Stingray, Vista, Connect and Trillium:

Standard Ratchet and Strap
Ratchet: 25kN rated on a webbing loop
Strap: 3cm wide

Standard Strap only
Strap: 3cm wide

Ratchet Extender Strap
Ratchet: 25kN rated
Strap: 3cm wide

Weblock Extender Strap
WebLock: 25kN rated
Strap: 3cm wide

For Flite+and T-Mini:

Small Ratchet and Strap
Ratchet: 12kN rated on a webbing loop
Strap: 26mm wide

Small Ratchet and Three Straps
Ratchet: 12kN rated on a webbing loop
Straps: 26mm wide

Note: Due to continuous innovation and improvements specifications can change without notice


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